Who is it for?

For trainees that need to reinforce their oral skills (comprehension +speaking), we’ve established the « Oral Coaching » technique. It emphasizes the oral and auditory aspects of language assimilation in order to disinhibit the trainee and create reflexes in English.


At least 30h

Individual or small group of 2 persons (with similar levels))


Physical :

  • Disinhibit speech
  • Create reflexes in English
  • Train the ear

Psychological :

  • Support : to establish a rhythm but also a PACE to each session in order to avoid latency and loss of motivation.
  • Motivate : Puts the trainee in a sustained conversational environment to get him / her used to total immersion and to encourage speaking in English.

We shouldn’t forget that when we speak in another language, we should rely on reflexes and not on actively translating. In order to quickly create reflexes, we have to guide oral speech with structured tools and precise concepts.

mindmap de la formation Oral coaching

Frame, motivate, pace:

A consistently-paced session that is, above all, contextual, is absolutely indispensible to ensure that the trainee is in the best possible conditions to optimize the time spent speaking.

This is where the method comes into play.

The Dynamic English « Oral Coaching » method limits down time and leaves nothing to chance during a session. Contrary to traditional methods that are based on « free» conversation, we’ve created specific content which serves as a guide during training from the beginning to the very end. This allows the trainee to :

  • Speak as much as possible
  • To review notions of speech in a precise manner, at regular intervals and in different contexts in order to assimilate and use them quickly.
  • Pace the session so there is always active participation from trainee

Alexander Alonso, Coach et Directeur de "Dynamic English"

On nous a conseillé Dynamic English et nous avons découvert une méthode très vivante, structurée et qui nous a permis de prendre la parole de manière intensive pendant toute la formation. L’aspect non scolaire, axé sur l’oral et surtout l’efficacité de la méthode a fait que notre motivation s’est intensifiée au cours des séances. Je continue à la conseiller à mes collaborateurs et à d’autres professionnels !

Antoinette Balaresque — Directrice Commerciale
Grey Healthcare Group

The unique Dynamic English method gave me the reflexes and the confidence necessary to truly progress in conversations during professional exchanges. The quality of the trainers’ profiles, the range of accents on hand and the structure of the method are motivating and efficient factors ; I’ve already recommended the method internally several time and…

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