Who is it for?

A personalized approach of the « Dynamic Presentation » module with a dedicated coach for 1 on 1 sessions.


Minimum 20h



« WHY : Every presentation has a Big Idea »


  • Identify and better understand your own presentation style
  • Thorough audit of profile
  • Highlight your “Big Ideas”
  • Mastering impact techniques
  • Understanding how to use storytelling in a business environment
  • Capturing the audience’s attention
  • Use mindmapping to explain and analyze concepts but also to build your presentation
  • Your presentation delivered by coach for best practice
  • Role play with coach with precise/personalized feedback

In order to : Lead, convince, motivate, inspire and make your presentations a call to action

mindmap de la formation Individual coaching

contenu de la formation


Trainee audit in order to :

  • Identify the learning curve
  • Understand his/her environment
  • Pin point specific needs and what tools are most relevant

The different styles

  • Identify the 4 dominant styles
  • Understand how seasoned presenters use their strong points as well specific techniques through videos (each video is followed by a thorough debrief of the coach with trainees)


  • Use PPT as a visual tool
  • Streamline content
  • Re-discover PPT for what it is: presentation enhancer and not a repository for information

Mind mapping

  • Create and articulate presentation with mindmapping
  • Use mindmapping in your presentation to present information clearly
  • Analyse a concept and its components thanks to mindmapping

Opening and closing a presentation

  • Capturing the audience’s attention right from the start and keeping it
  • How to handle Q/A in a hostile environment

Impact techniques

  • Mastering essential techniques in order to be more impactful (silence, intonation, questions, storytelling etc…) and making sure your audience is listening to you throughout your presentation.


  • What are the cornerstones of an effective storytelling
  • Why and how storytelling works
  • Using storytelling to motivate, inspire, sell etc…

Dynasphere has enhanced my communication impact by inspiring me to further leverage my strengths & my assets while safeguarding authenticity. It is indeed the combination of rich content and storytelling techniques, dressed with a genuine approach to entertain the audience that fosters what I consider a key paradigm for any real Leader : Be yourself, more, with skills

Cristiana Zanchi — CCO
Mobistar (Belgique)

Très habituée à faire des présentations devant mes équipes et nos partenaires au niveau international, je cherchais à développer mes compétences de prise parole et de présentation avec des techniques pointues et novatrices. C’est exactement ce qu’a su me fournir Dynamic English au travers du module « Dynamic Presentation » aussi bien en anglais qu’en français. J’ai notamment redécouvert le « storytelling » mais aussi des techniques d’impact pour mieux captiver son auditoire et convaincre. Le côté très pratique de ce module et les outils mis à ma disposition m’ont permis de mettre en œuvre ce que j’ai appris très rapidement.

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