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Formation Dynamic Development

How can Appreciative Inquiry and strength based management help your organization implement positive leadership and develop business? How do you develop yourself or manage others through their strong points? How do you attract and retain talent by developing their skills and enabling them to express what they are best at? How do you become a “Manager coach” without actually being a coach? How do you create a true team dynamic? What powerful tools can you give your team members in order to be creative and innovate?

Dynamic Development answers all these questions and more...

Manager Coach (Strength Based Management)

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Appreciative Inquiry

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Strength Based Development

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Team dynamics (MBTI)

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Formation Dynamic Presentation

There is no skill more transverse than public speaking and your audience’s expectations in terms of quality and presentation techniques has never been higher, especially in an international environment.

Come discover through our group modules or individual coaching the most impactful and effective presentation techniques.

Storytelling, mindmapping, capturing your audience’s attention, impact techniques are all very powerful tools in order to motivate, convince, sell or inspire… but more importantly to make your intervention a call to action.

Dynaprez (Presentation techniques & public speaking)

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Individual coaching

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Prepare a specific presentation (dynamique d'équipe)

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Formation Dynamic English

May it be in order to create reflexes and go over basics or to go from intermediate to advanced, we have created an offer that responds to your needs:

The “Oral Coaching” technique creates reflexes and fluidity while helping trainees lose their inhibitions when speaking English.

Dynamic Business is a very personalized approach which includes impactful business vocabulary and delivering your message.