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To sell ideas to decision-makers or during an elevator pitch, for a start-up project to inspire investors, during a fundraiser, to inspire our colleagues or to succeed in a recruitment interview: let's face it, we always need to convince and often in a short format. How can you be impactful, original and unforgettable in these high-stakes situations?

Maximum impact in minimum time

The pitch takes place within a constrained framework: you must make a lasting impression over a limited period of time.

To best manage this time constraint, your pitch must be structured. Our experts  start by  helping you maximize the ‘first 10%’ which must answer 3 questions:

What do I bring you?

What is my credibility to present it to you?

What direction do I suggest  you take thanks to what I am offering or my idea?

So what is the posture that allows me to increase my impact?

When we pitch, we tend to adopt an 'expert posture', in order to be sure to communicate rationally about all the advantages of our offer.

And all the more so if we pitch in a language that is not our mother tongue.

Being an expert is necessary, but it only allows you to target the rational brain of your audience. It is like having a perfectly cut arrow that would only aim at part of the target.

But you also need to address the emotional brain, which will trigger the behavior of adherence to your project.

By targeting both the rational and the emotional brain, you can not only convince your audience but more importantly get them to buy into your offer, idea or message.

How do I address the emotional brain of my audience?

We coach you to work on the following points:

• The BIG IDEA which makes the audience want to move away from the present status quo to project themselves into the desirable future that you present to them

• The storytelling technique that allows you to address your message to the emotional brain of your audience to convince them to follow you

• Impact techniques, which can also be used for a high-stakes presentation, which allow you to maximize audience support for your idea

• Persuasive effects: some words and formulas have a lot more impact than others ... we have listed them for you

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