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Objectif: Encourage individuals to better understand and take ownership of inclusion and diversity through a collective though process.

Inclusion and diversity has established itself as a strong value in society and organizations are feeling it.

Today, more than 70% of those under 30 declare that when applying for a job in a company, taking into account inclusion and diversity is a determining factor in their choice (BCG Study 2017).

There are many forms of inclusion and diversity far beyond man vs woman, origin or religion.

Knowledge is one thing, understanding its impact and importance is another.

It is very difficult to teach or train people in diversity and inclusion, you have to give them the opportunity to draw their own conclusions.

We have therefore opted for a format where the facilitators allow the group to initiate a powerful reflection process and to draw their own conclusions on how to implement diversity and inclusion on a daily basis.

Is inclusion a business imperative?

To be fulfilled and successful, each employee must feel a sense of belonging to their organization. Whether it's during the onboarding process or at a team building event, creating a connection with the culture and environment of the company is essential to increase employee engagement and participation. Gallup studies have shown a strong correlation between employee inclusion and talent retention.

How can inclusion be implemented on a company scale? The promotion of an inclusive culture, empathetic leadership, as well as improved communication and a focus on employee development play a role in the implementation of an inclusion strategy. For more information on manager training or improving communication and team dynamics, contact us (link to contact page) to start your diversity and inclusion programs.

The structure of our Diversity and Inclusion program

Our training modules adapt to the participant's experience. Part of our module is based on contribution and active learning. Allowing participants to discover for themselves how the difference can be a richness is essential to create a transformation of mentalities.

Therefore,  we believe that I&D is not a top-down process, but rather, an adoption program. We get traction from participants with our exercises based on ideation, brainstorming, round-table contributions and role play.

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