Who is it for?

Team members and managers


2 days

Up to 12 people


Develop your competences

Ask the following question to a team member, manager or executive: "what would you like to be better at?". 9 people out of 10 will answer by a weak point. The result is that we spend most of our time (when it comes to developing skills) trying to correct what we perceive as "errors".
Therefore we rarely attain excellence when developing a competency. More often than not, the frustration and the lack of tangible results of this approach keeps us from finalizing our development.

Strength Based Development consists in also developing strong points in order to attain excellence, create satisfaction and finalize development initiatives.

Becoming actor and owner of your development with powerful tools and a structured approach is the quickest road to success when developing skills.


  • Discover or rediscover your strong points
  • Co-development
  • Use your strengths in your daily tasks
  • Create your own development plan
  • Maximize development with specific tools
  • Identify high added value development actions
  • Understand the dynamics of development
  • Get a comprehensive tool box to develop your skills
mindmap de la formation Strength Based Development


  • Why strong points
  • How to identify strong points and motivators
  • Identify development objectives and actions
  • Discover your dominant learning mode
  • Use your strong points in your job
  • Create roadmap for development
  • Implement and follow up on development actions

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