Who is it for?

For all those that have to speak publicly and give presentations in a business environment the stakes are increasing as expectations from the audience are much higher than before.

It’s not only about giving a presentation or information anymore. It’s about creating a call to action, speaking not only the left brain but also to the right brain…


Up to 12 people



« WHY : Every presentation has a Big Idea »


  • Capturing your audience’s attention
  • Creating clear and impactful visuals
  • Mastering impact techniques
  • Use storytelling
  • Mindmapping

In order to : Convince, motivate, sell, inspire, have more impact and make your audience want to spread your message or act upon what you have said.

mindmap de la formation Dynaprez


Different styles

  • Identify the 4 dominant styles
  • Understand how seasoned presenters use their strong points as well as specific techniques through videos (each video is followed by a thorough debrief of the coach with trainees)


  • Use PPT as a visual tool
  • Streamline content
  • Re-discover PPT for what it is: presentation enhancer and not a repository for information

Mind mapping

  • Create and articulate presentation with mindmapping
  • Use mindmapping in your presentation to present information clearly
  • Analyse a concept and its components thanks to mindmapping

Opening and closing a presentation

  • Capturing the audience’s attention right from the start and keeping it
  • How to handle Q/A in a hostile environment

Impact techniques

  • Mastering essential techniques in order to be more impactful (silence, intonation, questions, storytelling etc…) and making sure your audience is listening to you throughout your presentation.


  • What are the cornerstones of an effective storytelling
  • Why and how storytelling works
  • Using storytelling to motivate, inspire, sell etc…

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