Who is it for?

Managers and team members


1 to 2 days

Face to to Face/Remote up to 12 people

English and French

Why ask people to explore the “norm” instead of excellence?

The studies show that when it comes to feedback, we focus 85% of our time and energy on what doesn’t work or people’s weaknesses. This is called corrective feedback.

Although this type of feedback is essential to help people progress and fix their errors or weaknesses, we tend to think it is the only or best way to attain performance and success.

Since this form of feedback is intuitive and logical, we have never really challenged it. We therefore don’t realize that this corrective feedback dynamic enables at best individuals to explore the « norm »

But what is beyond the norm is what enables individuals to overperform, explore excellence, feel valued, confident and express what they are really capable of…


The true definition of feedback : helping people develop and perform

Why is corrective feedback so important to us?

The limits of corrective feedback

Appreciative Feedback, the other option

It‘s all about creating balance between corrective and appreciative feedback

2) TOOLBOX APPROACH FOR Appreciative Feedback

How to modelize success in order to reproduce it

The golden rules of appreciative feedback

Identify, modelize, ritualize

Giving meaningful and relevant appreciative feedback

Using appreciative feedback in different work situations

Creating an environment for appreciative feedback


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