Who is it for?

Managers and executives


1,5 days

Individual ou group of 10 people

French and English

Strength Based Management

When you characterize someone mostly by their weak points you characterize them by what they are not…

— Marcus Buckingham / Strength based expert - Gallup

Why Manager Coach?

The traditional approach of managers is to focus on team member's weak points and to take measures to fix them: this is what we call a corrective approach. What we forget is that it is so difficult and time consuming to develop weak points that most of the time we stop the development halfway. Not only does it hinder development it keeps people from expressing and using their strong points.  In a nutshell, by focusing on this approach we keep our team members from attaining excellence on other competencies which are not weak points. We spend our time going from below average to average when we could be going from… GOOD TO GREAT !!

But when it comes to attracting or retaining talent as well developing team member’s skills expectations are very high. Strength Based Management enables managers to give people the possibility and the tools to attain excellence on key competencies instead of correcting weak points… for a “weak” result.

By developing also strong points we enable our team members to express them which not only gives them increased satisfaction and motivation, it also has a clear impact on KPI's as well as team dynamics.

Introducing managers to Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Management is a first step in implementing positive leadership.


A managerial tool box to :

  • Understand the dynamics of competencies development
  • Implement it within the team and on yourself
  • Create a consistent development plan: Identify key objectives and key actions which are relevant, achievable and motivating
  • Become a “manager coach”
  • Get the best out of your team while respecting individualities
  • Develop talents to their fullest
mindmap de la formation Manager Coach


  • Discover or rediscover team member’s strong points
  • Use each person’s strong points according to their tasks
  • Learn to ask powerful questions that lead to positive change
  • Master the concepts and tools of a “manager coach”: Interviewing an expert, learning modes, strength based interview, the 3 zones, Gallup 34 strong points etc…
  • Workshops to experience concepts and tools on yourself

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