Who is it for?

All staff


1/2 workshop or 1 to 2 day trainig

Face to to Face/Remote up to 12 people

English and French

A presentation is all about the user experience…

It’s a mind shift in itself. Going from creating a presentation to inform people and expose YOUR needs and YOUR objectives to a presentation that is truly user centric…

Creating the user experience during a presentation is the name of the game but we have never truly been given the mindset nor the tools.

Inspire, convince and motivate in high stakes environments

Because yes, you are allowed to inspire, motivate and convince people in a business environment… they will even thank you for it.

So if a good presentation is all about the user experience and a presenter is useless without an audience… how do I create this user experience while staying on message?

This is the question Dyna Prez will help you answer.

« WHY : Every presentation has a Big Idea »

So, for all of those that have to speak publicly or give presentations in a business environment the stakes are increasing as expectations from the audience are much higher than before.

It’s not only about giving a presentation or information anymore. It’s about creating a call to action, speaking not only the logical/factual brain but also to the more spotanious/emotional brain which in the end is the true decision maker. 

Individuals are not capable of retaining much information (see "Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve"). Information not only doesn't stay but it doesn't inspire. The best way engrave your message in your audience's mind and inspiring them is to link it to an emotion/feeling. 

DYNA PREZ offers a tool box to do just that...


 Capturing your audience’s attention

 Mastering impact techniques

 Use storytelling

 Creating clear and impactful visuals

  Identifying your Big Idea

 Mindmapping

In order to : Convince, motivate, sell, inspire, have more impact and make your audience want to spread your message or act upon what you have said.


Different styles

 Identify the 4 dominant styles

 Understand how seasoned presenters use their strong points as well as specific techniques through videos (each video is followed by a thorough debrief of the coach with trainees)

Impact techniques

 Mastering essential techniques in order to be more impactful (silence, intonation, questions, storytelling etc…) and making sure your audience is listening to you throughout your presentation.


 What are the cornerstones of an effective storytelling

 Why and how storytelling works

 Using storytelling to motivate, inspire, sell etc…

Big Idea

 What are the cornerstones of an effective storytelling

 Why and how storytelling works

 Using storytelling to motivate, inspire, sell etc…


 Use PPT as a visual tool

 Streamline content

 Re-discover PPT for what it is: presentation enhancer and not a repository for information

Mind mapping

 Create and articulate presentation with mindmapping

 Use mindmapping in your presentation to present information clearly

 Analyse a concept and its components thanks to mindmapping

Opening and closing a presentation

 Capturing the audience’s attention right from the start and keeping it

 How to handle Q/A in a hostile environment

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