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Dyna_Team is a module that boosts team dynamics thanks to psychometric tools debriefed by a coach / consultant and the contributions of positive psychology.

For who ? A group that needs to create or strengthen a team spirit, to boost its motivation (and to get to know itself), and above all that wants to know and capitalize on its full potential.

We have designated this positive team building around two axes:

Deepen your knowledge of yourself and others, to put your personality at the service of the team's objectives

Discover their Strengths / Motivators and those of colleagues to maximize team performance

Get to know yourself and others better

The research carried out (reference link: https://www.journaldunet.com/management/ressources-humaines/1206388-pourquoi-il-faut-evaluations-les-personnalite-des-candidats-et-des-collaborateurs/) in business show that we deliver more in teams that know how to take into account and take advantage of the richness of our personalities.

To get to know yourself and others better, we give each member of the team a psychometric questionaire and then we debrief the results of the test as a team.

Each participant discovers the personalities of their colleagues and how to optimize their interactions with the different personality types through exercises, games and concrete scenarios. All this must remain fun

Depending on the challenges specific to the team, we use either the WorkPlace Big 5 test, the MBTI or INSIGHTS.

Strengths and motivators reveal to the team its true potential.

For 40 years Gallup has studied the “best” teams: those which outperform compared to others, which have low turnover and individuals are strongly engaged.

What do all of these teams have in common?

They allow everyone to express their strengths and motivators on a regular basis in their missions and tasks.

Our facilitators use a positive psychology tool box, in a co-development format, allowing each participant to identify strengths and motivators and then share them as a group. Each participant is thus perceived by where he/she excels and what motivates him/her the most: a moment as powerful and rewarding as it is unusual!

We then use the same tool box to help the team discover their strengths at the group level.

The team then becomes aware of all the resources it can mobilize and areas where it can excel.

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