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Whether it is taking a new position within your organization, developing your leadership, your communication with others, your soft skills, a professional transition or conflict management, our careers are marked by key moments when we need to do what we've never done before.

And for a part of us to change, we need to rely on what we can do well, on what gives us confidence.

With Dyna One, a certified coach, expert in psychometric tools and positive psychology will support you during these changes by aligning you with what makes you strong and unique.

What is my personality type at work?

What makes you an inspiring leader? How to improve your communication with others, develop your soft skills or succeed in taking up a new challenge?

If we want to change we need to know ourselves, to know which part of ourselves we need to change. To deepen your self-knowledge, your coach can, for example, take you through the WorkPlace Big 5 psychometric test.

Today there are excellent tools to get to know yourself and others: MBTI, HERMANN, INSIGHTS ... But the WPB5, whose heart is the BIG 5 model, is one of the few tools in its category to focus exclusively on your personality in a professional environment.

Discover how to deepen your self-knowledge thanks to the WorkPlace Big 5 assessment.

The WorkPlace Big 5 case study

A client contacted us to support a Regional Director taking up a new position in the company. His main challenge was to manage his former colleagues, so he had to position himself without losing the bond with his team and learn to manage his time better. Through the WPB5, our coach helped the coachee become aware that he was focusing primarily on the needs of others and that he was too perfectionist. Once he had deepened his self-knowledge and understood his personality type at work, the coachee had a much better understanding of what he needed to work on to be successful in taking up this new position (listening to his own needs, learning to say no etc).

What is my "safe space" that will make me go towards "my change"?

Knowing yourself well is not enough.

To really want to change, you need security and therefore to strengthen your self-confidence.

For this, your coachs' expertise in positive psychology helps you map your Strengths and Motivators : skills which we are often not aware of - as they seem natural to us - and which allow us to achieve excellence with less effort in specific missions and tasks.

It's when you use them that you have the most confidence in yourself.

And it is on them that you can firmly lean on to move forward successfully when faced with change.

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