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2 days

Individual coaching or group 10 people

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Appreciative Inquiry... the missing link between positive psychology and KPIs

Appreciative Inquiry is an organisational approach of development which consists in identifying and understanding what works in order to modelize it, ritualize it and build on it. It is the opposite of the traditional "problem solving" approach which focuses on what's wrong and what has to be corrected:

"As leaders we devote most of our time and energie to corrective measures in order to fix what's wrong in order to come back to the "norm". The effort involved in this process keeps us from exploring what makes people and organisations great. We just have to ask the right questions..."

David Cooperrider, co-founder of Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry and Leadership: 

By 2020 50% of teams will be composed of generation Ys and Zs and in 2025 that number will reach 75%. Therefore, historical management styles (directive, linear, focusing on corrective measures...) are starting to show their limits.

It is urgent to start relying on managerial and business tools that are simultaneously pertinent to Baby-Boomers, generations X Y and Z in order to innovate, find solutions, create a positive team dynamic as well as attract and retain talent.

Appreciative Inquiry and Strength Based Management have already been adopted by many major organizations (NASA, Verizon, British Airways, BP). It consists in exploring existing strengths and leveraging them, asking powerful positive questions to help people and organizations envision and attain a brighter future.

AI is based on a precise methodology, 25 years of development and deployment throughout small, medium, large, non profit and for profit organizations. It has been modelized, tested and succesfully implemented during that period.

A versatile tool-box for people as well organizations

AI can be implemented at various levels:

1) Organization/company

2) Department

3) Team

4) Individuals

It can be applied to exploring new commercial opportunities, enhancing client satisfaction, reorganizing a business unit, management as well as developing people and much more...

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