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Rarely does someone approach a speaker 3 weeks later to say

« I loved that 3rd slide on market trends »

but what people do say is

« I loved that story about... » 

Feed the emotional brain as well as the logical brain so people not only understand but also spread your message and feel inspired

Why do we tell stories?

Even more than to convince, we often tell stories to share with our audience what touches us, and to make them want to join us and adopt what we have to offer (idea, offer, project).

An unrivaled format to convey a key message

We remember a story because it follows a precise structure that makes it easy to remember and turns words into images that we retain without effort. Storytelling is thus one of the most effective ways to convey a message in a lasting and impactful manner because it merges emotion with information.

The emotion to take action

When we want to convince, we tend to adopt an 'expert posture', in order to be sure to communicate rationally about all the advantages of our offer.

Being an expert is necessary, but it only allows you to target the rational brain of your audience.

By touching the seat of emotions in the brain, the story helps you inspire your audience to take action and buy into your offer, idea or message.

Go from story to storytelling

What is your background? Who do you want to convince?

Thanks to our tool box, our coaches and trainers support you to define as precisely as possible the key message that you want to convey through your story.

Is the story that will best illustrate your message a story that you experienced yourself? A famous episode in history? SOmething you read in the paper? An experience you shared with your team? Something that happened to someone else?

The 5 GOLDEN RULES of Storytelling in a business environment

Finally, all storytelling follows specific rules to capture the audience's attention and be impactful. It's all about the 5 golden rules...

If mastered, storytelling can be one of the most powerful tools for a presenter to motivate, inspire and convince people to adopt an idea, to follow you or to try something new ...


Storytelling can be a powerful business tool

We are allowed to also address the "emotional" brain

Decision making is not only about facts and figures

If you want to create a strong call to action, then you must link facts to emotion


The 5 golden rules of storytelling in a business environment

How do top negotiators use storytelling to convince?

Using storytelling as an introduction

Finding your story

Which impact techniques to use to enhance your storytelling?

If mastered correctly, storytelling can be the most powerful tool for a presenter in order to motivate, inspire and convince people to adopt an idea, follow you or try something new…

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